Pre-Employment Selection Design & Strategies

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of a “bad hire” equates to 30% of a year's salary! Consequently, every organization should do whatever possible to keep hiring mistakes to a minimum. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to do this is to move from the traditional interviewing process to a systematic behavioral screening approach. WorkingSolutions can assist you in the design and development of a structured and effective behavior-based, pre-employment interviewing process.

Interviewers collect a reasonable amount of information about an applicant's experience and technical knowledge. What is missing in this traditional approach is any tangible measure of the applicant's competence, personality and their ability to fit into the organization and be compatible with the duties and responsibilities of the job. There is a correlation between experience and competence. However, there is no guarantee that knowledgeable, experienced applicants have the essential qualities and values that make great performers on-the-job.

Learning how to objectively assess past experience, education and credentials and desired behaviors creates an interviewing process that is more reliable and effective. Learning how to combine pre-employment skills testing with the structured interviewing process can produce results that can improve safety, increase productivity, build teamwork and lower training costs.

Project Design Areas & Stages

  • Analyze Position (PACE Study recommended but not required)
  • Identify Defensible Competencies and Qualities
  • Assess Job Application & Existing Testing Strategies
  • Evaluate Experience, Education & Training
  • Evaluate Motivation, Compatibility & Fit
  • Develop Behavior-Based Interview Questions
  • Structure the Interview
  • Control the Interviewing Process
  • Sell the Position
  • Document Results & Measures
  • Follow-up and Obtain References
  • Establish Pre-Employment Assessment Standards
  • Make Employment Offers
  • Adhere to Equal Opportunity Employment Laws

Once developed, learning to conduct structured behavior interviews is quite simple. Most interviewers can become quite proficient after a day or two of practice. Having a hard time finding adequate applicants? Don't know the right questions to ask? Worried about equal opportunity employment practices? Contact Working Solutions and learn how to hire the best.

Consulting Costs & Expenses

Costs: $1,200 per day plus travel expenses

All travel related expenses are billed as actuals without markup. Host site is responsible for providing content/subject matter experts, a meeting room, any A/V equipment, and access to existing pre-employment standards, materials and/or records. Typical contracts range from 2-days on site with 1-day in office to 4-days on site with 2-days in office. To request a detailed proposal, contact Working Solutions. All information generated from the study is confidential and will not be shared with another company or organization. PMA members get discounted rates.