What is PACE?

PACE is a DACUM-style (Developing A CurriculUM) job-task & skill analysis. The PACE process systematically analyzes an occupation, position or functional area. Under the guidance of a trained facilitator, a panel of your job experts performs this analysis during a 2-3 day workshop.

working solutions paperworkThe PACE Study provides an excellent source of information for analyzing work requirements within a job or trade. Many companies use it as their preferred method for training development, work re-design efforts, employee selection and setting skill standards. This fast and cost effective method establishes the foundation to initiate organizational improvements or changes. Be a PACEsetter!

Key elements of the PACE process are:

  • Expert workers are the best source of information to describe and define their jobs.
  • Any job can be effectively analyzed in terms of the tasks performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • All job tasks imply the direct application of skills, knowledge and behaviors used by successful performers.

The result is a Duty & Task Chart, which describes the job in terms of the specific tasks that competent workers must perform. Tasks are analyzed for frequency, impact of error, criticality and difficulty. Once the job is defined, related skills, knowledge, work behaviors and conditions of the job are identified. The two characteristics that distinguish this process from other methods of job-task analysis are:

  • Expert workers analyze their own job.
  • Results are produced in a graphic and easy to use format.

Why Conduct a PACE?

Whenever starting a new program or project, decisions must be grounded to a known point of reference from a legal and best practice perspective. PACE provides you with that initial benchmark. It is the "hub" of the wheel by which all decisions must evolve from resulting in defensible and focused actions.

PACE Study Cost & Expenses

  • Costs: $1,200 per day plus travel expenses

All travel related expenses are billed as actuals without markup. Host site is responsible for selection of panel members, meeting room, A/V equipment and refreshments/food. WorkingSolutions will provide all workshop materials, handouts, data analysis and document publishing. The PACE is conducted at your facility with your job experts. All information generated from the study is confidential and will not be shared with another company or organization. PMA members get discounted rates.